Excellent guide to fix warped record

Vinyl record might lose the shape which is also known as warping and it might happen because of poor storage position warmth. Warped record might limit tracking of turntable stylus over surface of record. Based on the severity of warp, certain methods are available which you can use to repair the damage. You might allow record sit between the heavy objects or use combination of the pressure and heat for repairing record. It is always necessary to know about how to prevent warping. If you are looking to fix warped vinyl then you must follow some effective tips such as

  • Gather two large and heavy objects
  • Place warped record between objects
  • Prepare to wait for few days

flatten warped record

Essential tips to fix warped vinyl

Using heat and pressure is one of the best ways to unwarp vinyl and there are certain ways are there to fix warped records like place record between two sheets of the glass, preheat oven to about 79 degree Celsius and allow record sit in oven for less than three minutes. There are different kinds of the machines are available which might reshape and flatten vinyl records. If you are seeking for the simple device to flatten warped record then oven is the best choice because it comes with the support and operating instructions. There are step by step instructions are available to fix warped vinyl such as get two large panes of the glass which might fit at your oven, place record between two panes of the glass, preheat oven to low temperature, put vinyl in oven for thirty minutes, turn heat off and allow record cool down to room temperature.

Interesting ways to fix warped vinyl record

If you are looking to avoid damage for your surface then you must to place towel, potholder or cutting board between glasses. Suppose you are interested to prevent record warp then you can follow some tips like store records away from the direct sunlight, avoid stacking your records and keep records away from the humidity. Vinyl record is relatively heavy and it stacks atop each other which might put significant pressure on records.


Tons of the methods are available to fix warped vinyl but you must remember one thing; slightly warped record which might play better. Do some research to choose the best method based on your desire. Make sure that you store records vertically in order to avoid pressure.

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