How to connect a subwoofer to an old stereo amplifier system

The subwoofer is generally used in home theatre but it can also thoroughly improve the overall sound of the stereo systems just not only with the small speakers. In order to get the amazing sound quality, everyone is highly suggested to connect the sub to an old stereo amplifier. This is because the subs can give you the best foundation to the sound along with the speakers. Adding a subwoofer to your speakers is not only about adding the deeper bass but it is also properly integrated subwoofer in order to improve the overall sound of the system.

connect sub to an old stereo amplifier

Significance of connecting subwoofers:

  • The subwoofer connection to the speakers of the two channel system actually differs from the methods of your home theatres.
  • The AV receiver in your system in fact features the extraordinary bass management to perfectly direct the lower bass frequencies actually to the subwoofer and also midrange/treble frequencies to the speakers.
  • In order to hook up subwoofer to an old receiver, you have to use a single interconnect cable.
  • The pre-amps, stereo receivers and also the integrated amplifiers rarely have a subwoofer output jacks or offer the amazing options for perfect bass management.
  • Instead of using such connections, the experts are using the speaker level sub with the high level inputs.
  • Not all the subwoofers have such inputs but only a few models have them. Such inputs are getting connected using the speaker cables to the same output jacks of the speaker on your receiver or amplifier which are also connected to your speakers.

Proper arrangement of sub with speakers:

Connect a subwoofer with vintage amp with the proper arrangement of the stereo speakers, you will receive all the midrange, bass and also treble frequencies. A subwoofer will use its built-in crossover which is low pass filter in order to determine the upper limit of the frequencies produced by an existing subwoofer.

If you are using the small speakers with the 4-inch or also smaller woofers, you will need to set the crossover frequency of sub at 100 Hz or higher. It has to be done with the speakers which have at least 5-inch or larger woofers, 80 Hz or lower.


The volume control of the subwoofer is actually set to provide the proper level of the amazing bass support for bringing out the wonderful speaker sound.

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