How to tell if your computer mouse is dying

When you are using a computer, it has the different types of peripheral devices and the keyboard and mouse are the most important things. Over time, computer mouse last its performance and it randomly doesn’t work. Sometimes, it switches between working and non-working and work also with the cable movement. This is because the USB cable of the mouse can degrade over time. At the same time, you can also receive a message on your computer like a USB mouse connected which is another important sign of the bad cord.

mouse sensor not working

Symptoms of dying mouse:

If the pointer or cursor is randomly a sling in the corner or otherwise spazes out, it signs your mouse is dying day by day. The users can try using a mouse pad or some other different surface but it doesn’t work and then the laser of your mouse is getting a little bit off.

The buttons available on the mouse can also go bad as they are two main buttons along with the scroll button. All these buttons on the mouse seem to stop working and making troubles on doing your works. If you are looking for when to replace your computer mouse, it is a perfect time to replace your existing mouse with the new one. Sometimes, the well working mouse is also not working properly due to the mouse pads. You have to check out the pads on the bottom and change it to use the mouse with the good condition.

laser mouse go bad

Some other symptoms you get:

  • Many people now want to use the wireless mouse in order to avoid the USB problems. But you have to give a proper maintenance to the wireless mouse otherwise you will experience the mouse sensor not working
  • If the sensor is not working in a proper manner, then it is a right time to change your mouse either with the wired or wireless mouse replacement.
  • If you are using the wired mouse with the USB cable, you should need to check it out properly whether the laser mouse go bad with its performance.


With all these problems, you need to have the new mouse replacement in order to avoid the unwanted interruption in your work. At the same time, the new mouse replacement will give you a nice interface to do everything on time and also in the best way.

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