How to connect a subwoofer to an old stereo amplifier system

  • Published in: Audio

The subwoofer is generally used in home theatre but it can also thoroughly improve the overall sound of the stereo systems just not only with the small speakers. In order to get the amazing sound quality, everyone is highly suggested to connect the sub to an old stereo amplifier. This is because the subs can…

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Excellent guide to fix warped record

Vinyl record might lose the shape which is also known as warping and it might happen because of poor storage position warmth. Warped record might limit tracking of turntable stylus over surface of record. Based on the severity of warp, certain methods are available which you can use to repair the damage. You might allow…

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How to turn car speaker into home speaker

If you are a car owner then you a lot with your car speaker and in such kind of situation, you can take advantage on home speaker. Different ways are there to turn car speaker into a home speaker such as Check the impedance Find right amplifier Build speaker enclosure Types of enclosures How to…

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