How to turn car speaker into home speaker

If you are a car owner then you a lot with your car speaker and in such kind of situation, you can take advantage on home speaker. Different ways are there to turn car speaker into a home speaker such as

  • Check the impedance
  • Find right amplifier
  • Build speaker enclosure
  • Types of enclosures

How to use car speakers for home audio

Most of the car speakers could be rated for 4 ohms but home speakers are rated eight ohms. However, limitation might come when it comes to the terms of loudness and sound quality especially you are hooking up the speaker with the different impedances.

Two kinds of the speaker might deliver total of the 50watts. Before you are planning to use car speakers for home audio, you must to find out the right amplifier. Majority of the car speakers are four ohms which might be considered as low impedance. Suppose you are having home amplifier then you can check whether amplifier heats up while using car speaker.

Once you successfully convert car speaker into the home speaker then you must build, enclosure. You must remember one thing; not all enclosure might work well for speaker. If you are interested to use car audio in home speaker then you must check T/S parameters of speaker so you might get idea of type of the enclosure for building the speakers. Basically Qts describes mechanical or electrical part of the speaker. In a simple term, qts is how strong motor and magnet are.

Effective ways to use car subs in home

Now a day, different kinds of the speakers are available such as sealed enclosure, bipole speaker enclosurespeciallyand aperiodic loudspeaker enclosure. Some type of the enclosure is, made which is poorly sealed or leaky box. Car subwoofer speaker could be converted to the home subwoofer but it might not produce same results.  If you are interested a use car subs in home then you must do some research in online which is really beneficial to you.

car audio in home


Car subwoofer is designed to use automotive cabin gain where low or bass frequencies which are enhanced because of small space. On the other hand, it is designed to survive occasional abuse by use. It can withstand a harsh environment for instance change in the vibrations and temperature. If you are following step by step instructions then you can easily use car speaker into the home speaker.

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